Build a stron​ger, healthier YOU

I love to train ladies online and face-to-face with a focus on strength, fitness and health. Helping my clients to feel good about themselves is my main aim - no matter what their goal.

I offer online and in-person classes, 1-2-1s, small group sessions & outdoor boot camps during the summer months.

We will have fun and get you working towards your goals! 

I am currently in the middle of relocating to the Midlands and will be restarting NEW in-person classes and online session in the New Year. If you'd like to hear first when classes are beginning please get in touch or sign up to my mailing list (see sign up form)



I have created nutrition & weight management programme for those looking to change their body composition by reducing body fat, educate themselves about nutrition, gain control of their diet, create new and sustainable habits, and be coached 1-2-1 by me through what can be a minefield of conflicting advice.

I'm taking on new clients in the next few weeks!

RESET is all about beginning at your starting point – everyone’s situation and goals are different. It’s not one size fits all, and this isn’t about weigh-ins, sins, points, dress size or what the scales say. I will coach and support you through this first step of your RESET, and beyond if you’d like.

"Emma is without a doubt the most focused, enthusiastic, health fitness coach I have ever used, it is money worth spending because Emma is encouraging, understanding and gives you such a boost when you have a little win.  I am now a size 12 and much fitter and stronger, and I've given up on achieving this."


This is about building a healthier version of you by understanding nutrition, finding a sustainable approach and developing a better relationship with food. So if you have a fat loss goal, are sick of yo-yo dieting or feel totally overwhelmed by what to do, get in touch. 



I have developed a range of classes to fit the specific needs of my clients.

Take a look at the different sessions & packages and sign up today!



Fitness Class

Mon 9.30am  &  Fri 7.30am

Designed to work the full body, these High Intensity classes will work every muscle without compromising form meaning you get the most out of every move. All abilities are welcome as I show lots of variations and coach you every step of the way which will get you better results! 


Wed 9.30am 

This class is guaranteed to take your fitness to the next level. Using dumbbells or kettlebells this class will push you by working your muscles harder - you've got to give it all you've got!



This will give you access to 1 x live online class only - Perfect for those who want to try before they buy! You will have one week to use this pass

£3.50 per class
Unlimited Classes & Catch up

This will give you access to ALL online classes. PLUS you can catch up with any missed classes a time which suits you via my online video library

£25 per month
10 x Class Pass

This will give you access to 10 x LIVE classes of your choice over a 6 month period. Ideal for those who enjoy the live class experience but can't guarantee they can make many sessions during a month 


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Passionate about giving you confidence through fitness

I love working with ladies to help them improve or even get started on their way to becoming fitter, stronger & healthier. Fitness shouldn't be a punishment, it should be fun, rewarding and accessible. As a busy mum of two, I know only too well how hard striking a healthy balance and spinning all the plates can be. My classes are designed to get you focused on your goals, improve your strength, and most of all - have a bit of fun while you're doing it!


What my clients say

Initially I was thinking this would just be fun during lockdown but safe to say I’m hooked!! Absolutely love Emma’s classes, every session is different and interesting, Emma is so enthusiastic it’s contagious and makes you want to push that little bit harder. I can feel a difference in my strength and see physical changes taking place too, something I have never yet managed to achieve when trying to wing it on my own! Honestly it’s brilliant, friendly and not at all intimidating for different levels of fitness, I don’t know any of the other people who join but almost feel like I now do through our shared sweat sessions!!

Charlie T, Leicestershire

I would definitely recommend Emma’s classes. They are fun and Emma varies the routines every week so you are always doing something different. I am stronger and fitter and Emma always encourages everyone to get the very best of themselves.

Jacky, Hampshire

I’ve thoroughly enjoyed my classes with Emma. They’re as challenging as they are fun. I can’t stress enough how much fun I have!! I couldn’t be happier with my results. I’m stronger and fitter, and wearing clothes I haven’t worn since two babies ago. I was so intimidated before I started. It had been ages since I really put much time or effort into myself, way too long really. Exercise was not anything I considered having it making time for. Once I was there realised, it’s very much “what you put in you get out” and what your capable of even on the worst day is still going to keep you moving forward. I’m a happier, healthier person and my family (who I felt were getting more of me by me not taking time for myself) are reaping the benefits. I have more energy, less bad days, and I’m definitely a nicer person to live with now. If you’ve got any doubts, just try it, Emma is such a fun person, her kindness is felt from the moment you meet her and I believe she gets so much out of watching people progress with her programs and that’s why we all keep coming back for more. It’s not just the fitness that makes it so great, it’s the Emma .

Heather, Wiltshire

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