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Created for those looking to make a change to their diet by building a  healthy relationship with food and educate themselves about nutrition. If you want to gain control of your dietary intake, create new and sustainable habits, and stop the yo-yo dieting, let me coach you through what can be a minefield of conflicting advice. 

No quick fixes or fads, just a whole lot of support and guidance to get you from your starting point to reaching your goals.

Sometimes we just need to stop, RESET, and take those steps to move forward in the right way. 

Let me help you build a healthy and confident YOU.  

Is this programme for you?

  • Are you sick of yo-yo dieting and falling off ‘the wagon’

  • Are you are totally overwhelmed by all the information about what we should eat and why

  • Do you need a little guidance to get you on the right track

  • Do you want to feel confident in your own skin

  • Do you have aesthetic, fitness or strength goals

  • Have you reached the point where you feel like giving up because ‘nothing works’

  • Have you tried a few programmes in the past but have slipped into old habits

If you’ve answered yes to some (or all) of these questions, then you are in the right place! RESET is all about beginning at your starting point – everyone’s situation and goals are different. It’s not one size fits all, and this isn’t about weigh-ins, sins, points, dress size or what the scales say. I will coach and support you through this first step of your RESET, and beyond if you’d like.


What does the RESET involve?

  • We assess where you are and what your goal is from a short lifestyle and health questionnaire where you tell me about your current eating habits and activity levels alongside your current weight and waist measurements

  • I create a programme for you with a calorie and step target alongside gym/at home workouts

  • You will need to track your calories via MyFitnessPal - which I can provide full support with if you haven't tracked before

  • We will work together to ensure you are getting the right balance of macro and micro nutrients

  • You will have an initial set up call with me, and additional 1:1 sessions where we will discuss your energy intake and expenditure, look at solutions for the things you are finding tricky and generally keep heading in the right direction for what you are trying to achieve. I will also support you through the week via Whatsapp when needed, I can help with tips & tricks and help you feel like you aren't alone on this journey.


What's NEW?

As well as continually learning and growing as a coach, I always look to see how I can improve on my packages, so RESET has had a little upgrade:

1) You will have the use of my new app which will not only feel like you have a personal trainer in your pocket for all things fitness, it will also be a habit tracker to help keep you on the right path.


2) Alongside my support, you also get to join a closed Facebook community which provides social interaction and additional support with like-minded people. On this page I will go live on a weekly basis to help you all with any of those midweekquestions you might have. I find most clients have the same questions, thoughts, and struggles. We are in this together!


3) Finally, you will have a weekly accountability /check-in form which will not only help you see progress and/or areas for improvement, this is also where I can be more bespoke with how I support you.

Still not sure?

I have been there myself. My weight has fluctuated over the years and I know how disheartening it can be when you don’t get results. By resetting my relationship with food, focussing on a calorie balance and forming consistent healthy habits I have achieved the goals I set. I was putting effort in all the wrong places. The missing piece of the puzzle for me was education and support. It was so much easier when someone was in my corner.


This is where having a coach can help. I am successfully working with men and women to achieve their nutrition and fitness goals. 


RESET is not Weight Watchers or Slimming World – it’s much more than that. I will help you to gain control of your diet and more importantly, understand what works and why! This is about health, fitness and feeling good - so if that's what you want and have struggled with in the past, I am in YOUR corner and will coach you through every step of this journey!

Let's chat
If you would like to register your interest in the next intake of my 8-week RESET programme, starting January 29th 2024, get in touch.
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